John 1-5: Here is your king

“…these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name” – John 20:31.

This summer we will study together the opening chapters of John’s gospel (starting after the famous Christmas prologue). The author of the fourth gospel is the Apostle John, son of Zebedee, close friend of Jesus and eyewitness of his earthly ministry. It was written sometime before the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70. The overriding concern of this gospel is to tell us about Jesus Christ whose life and mission are seen as the central events of all history. In the early chapters John charts the events at the start of that mission: turning water into wine at Cana, the encounter with the woman at Jacob’s well; and through these stories we begin to discover more of who this Jesus is. Our prayer is that through our joint study we will grow in our understanding of the person of Christ.


Date Title Bible Passage
May 22nd (MW) Beginnings John 1: 19-34
May 29th (IP) Calling Disciples John 1: 35-51
June 5th (AA) Water into wine John 2: 1-12
June 12th (HC) Zeal for His House John 2: 13-25
June 19th (CC) Born Again John 3: 1-15
June 26th (MW) God so loved John 3: 16-21
July 3rd (AA) Complete joy John 3: 22-36
July 10th (HC) Encounter at the well John 4: 1-45
July 17th (CC) Mission Focus (India) NA
July 24th (MW) True faith John 4: 46-54
July 31st (IP) Stirring the waters John 5: 1-17


(Key: AA = All Age Service, HC = Holy Communion, CC = Café Church, MW = Morning Worship, IP = Informal Praise)